Why do people look at your hand?

People are visual creatures who pay attention to a lot of physical attributes. They would instantly notice a nice hairstyle, beautiful clothes, fitting makeup, and much more. Hands are one of those things both MEN AND WOMEN take notice but would never really mention, until they do.

In history, women’s hands held a symbol of beauty and fragility. This was mostly because other parts of their bodies were covered and the hands, face, and neck were the only exposed body parts to be admired.

As embarrassing as it is to mention, I’ve been told presumptuously not long ago, that I have “tangan macam lelaki” (masculine hands) (ouch!) and the truth is I never really paid that much attention to my hands prior but ever since that statement was vocalised, I became so self-conscious and insecure about them.

Also just recently, while sharing hand images of random women with our associate, she said someone commented “tangan jantan ke tu?” (is that a man’s hand?) on one of her post on Instagram story. It was her hand. We both just laughed about it.

I often look at images of female hands (it’s part of what I do for EEVA Beauty) who seem to have more feminine hands with that glowing soft skin, a narrow palm, longer fingers and an overall delicate, refined structure, and the more I see them, the more I wished for a womanlier hand. Imagine it can get so distressing especially when trying to impress the man you’ve got your eyes on.

So what does the masculine hand on a woman means? Interestingly, according to destinypalmistry.com, it shows ‘that she is a hard worker who uses her hands a lot. She likes to quickly do things and not like to waste time simply daydreaming… She has similar traits as a man as far work ethics, ambitions and some character aspects. She might not like to wear frills and lace, or anything too overly ladylike which make her feel uncomfortable. Dressing simply and comfortably is what she likes.’

Does this sound like you or me? The descriptions very much resonate with me.

Having read this article online and a few others, I began to feel a sense of comfort and a teeny-weeny bit of pride slowly creeping in. So what if you have a large chubby palm with short stubby fingers which lacks that femininity about it? It’s ALL GOOD. Even if they don’t symbolise that common notion of beauty and fragility of a woman, we are still womanly women in our own unique and individualistic ways.

Self-confidence is surely the best remedy for women who sport masculine hands, so if someone unexpectedly refers your hand as ‘tangan jantan’, raise one gingerly to your lips and blow them a kiss.

Yours truly, Iva❤️

By the way, the hand images insert above is my hand😊

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