Stronger and healthier nails with these beauty foods on your plate

Fingernails can be a point of pride (with vibrant nail polish, fancy nail art) or a source of shame (breakages, ragged cuticles). A guy told me once that he was embarrassed by the look and condition of his nails that every time he was paying money at a store, he would turn his hand downward to hide the nails.

A split nail, nail ridges or those pesky hangnails can happen to both women and men and is usually caused by physical stress, nutrient deficiency, wear and tear or simply an age factor- it gets worse especially if you work a lot with your hands. And if you’ve ever had dry, brittle nails that feel weak, thin and breaks easily, it can be quite distressing because it’s not just about how your tips look. It turns out your fingernails can be an indicator that you’re lacking in certain important nutrients and vitamins, so start adding some of these beauty foods on your plate to transform your fingertips inside-out.


Eggs contain biotin, or vitamin B7, which helps nails to grow stronger and smoother. They also contain vitamin D to support calcium absorption and there are another complete protein source.

Coconut oil

Cold-pressed coconut oil is packed with good fats which replenish and hydrate the nails and cuticles. Plus as key vitamins such as A, D, E, and K are fat soluble- the fats help the body to properly absorb nutrients from other foods to better nourish nails from your diet.


Certain protein sources such as salmon, that are rich in Vitamin D and protein, are some of the best superfoods to help your nails grow. Vitamin D is a powerful nutrient that helps the immune system, along with bone, skin and nail health. Protein that is found in salmon fuels the growth of nails by helping to manufacture collagen in the body, which helps skin, hair and nail growth.


Chicken is beaming with B vitamins, protein and is rich in zinc. This powerful combination creates a synergistic array of nutrients that send your hair, skin and nails into growth mode. Chicken is also a lean protein, making it a good addition to making sure your body is nourished. A lack of protein in the diet can result in your and nails breaking, so be sure to include quality proteins like chicken, which is rich in amino acids, to your diet.


Spinach is one of the most powerful greens on the planet and is a great food for your nails. Spinach is rich in protein with almost 5 grams per cup and it contains Vitamin E, iron, B vitamins such as folate, and Vitamin A. Vitamin A and folate are both beauty nutrients because they serve as powerful antioxidants in the body that fight free radicals. Free radicals age the skin, break down collagen and prevent us from looking our best. Antioxidants that fight free radicals are found abundantly in Vitamin A rich foods and folate rich foods. Spinach is also rich in chlorophyll, which is a wonderful nutrient for hair, skin and nail growth.


Avocados are another rich source of Vitamin E, folate and other B vitamins, plant protein and Vitamin A. Avocados are a wonderful beauty food! Add them to salads, smoothies, sauces, homemade dressings and more. Every single nutrient in avocados helps your nail health, and the healthy fats help your body absorb these nutrients faster and more efficiently.

Change your diet today and see the transformations!

Yours truly, Iva

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