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A lot of us think that nail-cutting is a straightforward regime- you trim them when they get long, roughly every few weeks. But when do you know when they are long enough and ready for that trim?

For me, I can’t (and I won’t) even get the nails to extend past my fingertips. I do a lot of cooking at home so I get really uneasy and almost fidgety the moment I feel like there’s gunk and icky things stuck under my nail tip then I’d be so itchy to trim them short right away.

I like mine neat and short, just leaving a sliver of “white” at the top of my nails – that space where the nail starts to separate from the skin it protects. I would trim them every once a week. Also, just trimming the nails is only the beginning of a proper nail care so let’s look at some tips on a quick and simple DIY nail care:

  • When cutting your nails, be sure to use one of those smaller, rounded-blade clippers. Using this type of clipper, you will still need to cut the nails at an angle. Do not clip your nails straight on because this way it can bend and ultimately break or damage the nail.
  • Push and clip your cuticles weekly. Very gently push and pry this part of the skin upward so that it’s easy to trim. Although there are many articles online that say not to cut it, the cuticles tend to grow and they can be unattractive. You can invest in a cuticle pusher and nipper set. My other fave tool is the cuticle trimmer with v-shaped blade.
  • Clean under the nail tip daily or every other day, not just after cutting the nails. For your toenails, do it while you’re in the shower when the skin and nail are soft so it’s easier for you to pick out any dirt especially in the corners of your big toe.
  • Apply hand cream or hand oil after a DIY manicure, hand-washing and hand-sanitising. It helps to restore the skin’s moisture barrier and provide long-lasting hydration.
  • Apply cuticle oil AT LEAST twice daily. Cuticle oil helps to prevent breaking, brittle nails and promotes healthier growing ones.

Follow these simple DIY nail care at home and you won’t need to spend a cent at the nail salon (unless of course you are going for a fancy nail art done). The next time you trim the nails, bring your nail care game on!

Yours truly, Iva❤️

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