EEVA was founded in 2020 with a clear mission and simple goal – to formulate a cuticle oil with high quality ingredients that is effective and gentle on the skin. Our cuticle oil started from home and carefully crafted to be safe, effective, natural, uncomplicated and a pleasure to use. No miracles, no magic – just healthy and visible results you can see and enjoy.

Just a short back story on how I came about with the idea of making my own cuticle oil. It is a product that is particularly close-to-heart for me. I discovered the benefits of using cuticle oil early 2020 when a manicurist shared with me a bottle of her cuticle oil. I had really dry, ragged cuticles and dull looking nails for a long time from frequent hand-washing which has then made the skin around my nails nothing short of unsightly and they get really uncomfortable at times coz it was just so rough and peeling and those pesky hangnails! But after applying the cuticle oil for a few days, I was amazed, every single time, at how it had helped to nourish my nails and cuticles and because of this sole reason, I wanted to share it with others too.

It became clear to me that a lot of women didn’t like the way their nails looked most of the time, and some of them had no methods to care for them in a more natural way (I was one of them). For many of us that spend time working with our hands in studios, kitchens and offices, I wanted an alternative to nail salon manicures that just weren’t a solution to many people. I wanted something quick, on-the-go and DIY at home. I am happy to share a product that gives people an easier way to care for their nails and cuticles on-the-go.

Also throughout the pandemic, one gift it has given me is a chance to get to know more about slow beauty. Slow beauty in a nutshell is all about overall wellness and self-care, in which it also explores deeper about producing beauty products that are of better quality and ethically-created.

So excited to share more of what’s to come for eeva beauty!





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